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Bullet Making

For immediate release:

Vapor Trail Bullets is pleased to announce the acquisition of Spencer Bullets. Clay Spencer, long known for his world record setting, hand made bullets, has sold his bullet making equipment and personally trained Vapor Trail Bullets owner Tom Jacobs in the manner and methods to continue this successful tradition. The bullet making operation has been moved to Spickard, MO. Vapor Trail Bullets looks to expand the product line while continuing to produce the bullets Clay Spencer is known for. For bullet orders please contact Tom Jacobs at 660-748-8111.

Spencer Rifle Barrels offers hand-made precision bullets. All bullets are hand-made by Clay's daughter Sarah and son-in-law Harry, and his life-long friend, Mike (Stoney) Stoneburner. We are now using custom-made cores by Charles Hood of Hood Custom Products. We expect this will increase production; they are the most perfect cores we have seen. We offer:
.22 cal 52gr. in 7 ogive
6mm 65gr. in 7 1/2 ogive
6mm 68gr. in 8 1/4 ogive
6mm 95gr. VLD (Very Low Drag)
6mm 103gr. VLD
.30 cal 110 - 118gr.

Phone or write for current bullet pricing.
(Metals market is currently very volatile.)

Our bullet making crew

Making our own cores

Lubricating and orienting jackets

Seating cores and "pointing up" bullets
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